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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post

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Given that other posters on this thread responded that they too felt the same way, I'm fairly comfortable that my reaction isn't based on a personal bias.
I never said it was. I'm just trying to figure out where it's coming from.
Does the fact that others agree bring you a sense of validation? How does this address where your perception is coming from?

Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
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My intent here is not to devolve this conversation into an argument over specific words or intents but rather I hoped to share with others that the labeling of some as sex negative was just as disconcerting to them as others may have felt being labeled as "not really poly" was.
Well, if you're suggesting that people are labeling others as sex negative for what you perceive as wrong reasons, that indeed is an argument over specific words or intents. If you think there are people who are specifically viewing you as being sex negative and that those views are unfair, it seems the first way to address it is to find out exactly who has viewed you this way and with what words they put that view out there.
I agree Ceoli.

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Ok - here we have hints of a defensive posture and I've posted before - maybe on multiple occasions - that whenever we find ourself in a defensive posture it's probably going to lead to unproductive discussion & debate. The obvious exception to that is if we're unsure whether others understand clearly what our real viewpoint is. If we are confident we are clear then that's fine. We can just let it go if others happen to have a different viewpoint.
It does quite seem to be a post focused on feeling attacked and judged by others and not clarifying where that is coming from or speaking specifically to the topic which was raised elsewhere.

It never really can be a productive discussion when it is cried "you're attacking me, you're hurting me," everytime someone has a difference of opinion that you just don't like.

It can't really be productive if no exact source is spoken of.

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