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Originally Posted by ManofDiscovery View Post
I certainly wasn't expecting the 15 pages of discussion on Asia vs Eurasia afterwards.

I will have to be super careful on here in future not to say anything that could be twisted/misinterpreted etc. I will have to turn myself into a politician.
It's a discussion forum. Hence, we discuss. You'll notice your question was answered repeatedly before the thread got derailed in several directions.

I've never had an enjoyable conversation of the form "Question. Answer. Question. Answer." All the best discussions use one question as a starting point, and then the conversation follows a winding path of interest.

I don't understand your complaint - is it your intention to continue the "when to disclose poly" discussion? I don't think anyone can add to that topic, but if it suits you, you're welcome to attempt micromanagement with pointed follow-up questions.
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