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Unhappy overwhelmed

I just dont know what to do at times. She continues to find the slightest things to argue about with our boyfriend and is constantly needing more affection, which in a results takes away from my time with either one because shes always feeling left out. sometimes i feel like im taking care of a child, and it hurts because ive out alot of effort here and so has our boyfriend but it seems like nothing can satisfy her unless its that in reality that she just wants monogamy with him, and i cant shake the feeling that this is the issue. She will forever find something wrong in this to make it about her, all the attention is on her and it takes from me alot. i dont know what to do but i told our boyfriend if this continues i will have to leave because this should be equal on every side and if jealousy is going to damper this relationship than i rather be single. its not fair that i have to subdue my emotions and my character for someone who will always take offense to everything, she feels the need to over analyze every single detail and i honestly do not have the capacity to address it all. she just cant seem to let little things fly by and they result in her every time threatening to leave and i cant live in an in and out just not healthy, last night i broke night with them arguing over something so miniscule that she obviously thought was an issue in lack of attention, when she gets the most attention. i literally had no sleep and went straight to work and i can only think, is this going to be an always thing? i told our boyfriend if this happens again i cant stay with him although he said he will tell her she has to leave and would continue with me i just cant help the feeling that all she will do is try to lure us back in by saying she if fully committed yet having problems with us about just sooooo confused overwhelmed and exhausted!!!
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