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I forgot to add that during her rant at me this weekend, her parents were there, and she was yelling loud enough that her step-mom heard her, because she asked me if everything was alright between us, and said she'd heard W yelling at me.

At one point she actually told me when her parents left she wanted me to leave, because "I can't live with you right now". I said "No. If anyone leaves it should be you". She said "Fine". (she loves that word). After her folks left, she didn't keep her word (except to go see her guy for a few late-night nookie hours). She also got upset after reading a text conversation I had with my newfound "interest" J. During the conversation J asked me if I was looking forward to spending time with W's folks, to which I jokingly replied something along the lines of "not really". That got me about 15 minutes worth of her wrath.

She actually emailed our counsellor that we needed an urgent session, and actually sent her a copy of FB messages I had sent to our "friend" about her problems. She continues to check my phone any time I leave it unguarded, but still password protects messages from 4 separate people. I think during tonight's session I'm going to go ahead and recommend ending our open marriage and see where that gets me. My guess is both W and counsellor will try to talk me out of it, but I really can't take this anymore. I've reached my limit of the no-sex, boundary pushing, emotional abuse, screaming, controlling behavior.
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