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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
he got drunk one night and allowed as how he would be embarrassed for me to attend a con with him if I had been in a wheelchair.

[grumble] asshole... [/grumble]

I'm trying really hard not to judge him for that feeling. But LYING about the way he felt?!? That was a choice, and a fucked-up one at that.

I haven't really had anything to add to this thread, since I agree that it's something that pisses me the hell off and I don't put up with it. But to put it in it's plainest terms, to me not expressing what one really wants or expressing the exact opposite in the hopes that someone else will figure it out is LYING.

Don't lie to me. Lie and you're out (especially if you claim to love me. Lying coworkers can't be as easily dismissed). Be honest and effing deal with reality. Reality ain't always pretty, but at least then you have the option to do something about it. Can't do anything if you're (knowingly or unknowingly) living a lie.
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