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If I'm honest, I would like a clean break, I would prefer not to see her, as I believe that seeing each other will make things harder for us both! That is not possible though because of Harry! Its not his fault.......So I'll be picking him up from school tommorrow, and we will just do what we always do.
Could you give them a heads up? That you need to have a time apart -- say a month? Starting on _____. So best they make alternate arrangements for Harry pick up that month?

They'd have to do it if you went on vacation or a business trip. This is no different. In fact, it could be more important than vacation/business adjustments. It's making the space for mourning so your best health and hers could be able to move forward. Then you can see what new shape this family could take so you are able to date, bond with someone else, and see if bio fatherhood is in your future or not.


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