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Originally Posted by constlady View Post
But somehow, because I choose to identify my relationship style as a thing that isn't necessarily the same as my sexuality, it is believed that I must be "sex negative."
Yea - maybe I really missed the true intent of this thread too - and just went from the title and later posts as the direction.
Backtracking to this original it does indeed warrant a different comment.

"It is believed..............

Ok - here we have hints of a defensive posture and I've posted before - maybe on multiple occasions - that whenever we find ourself in a defensive posture it's probably going to lead to unproductive discussion & debate. The obvious exception to that is if we're unsure whether others understand clearly what our real viewpoint is. If we are confident we are clear then that's fine. We can just let it go if others happen to have a different viewpoint.
Your post seems to be trying to clarify what your beliefs are - and you seem to do that perfectly well. If it wasn't clear somehow prior to this, you seem to have taken care of that nicely. "What others believe" at this point really doesn't matter. Agree or disagree - it's a personal view. Nothing more.

I guess I drifted towards the sex positive/negative topic because I saw it as a topic that could open & expose a lot of insight for many people.

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