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first message form guy:
hi, let's meet!

his profile says we're a 50% match. to the question 'I spend a lot of time thinking about..' his only answer is: Sex.
to the question 'would you ever consider an open relationship' his answer is 'no'. So, I don't respond.

comes a second message: 'so, you're looking at my profile but not saying anything?'

should've stopped right there. but I'm feeling confrontational and reply:

to the question 'would you ever consider an open relationship' your answer is 'no'. if you had read my profile, you would know that this means we're not exactly a good match'.

his reply: 'hi babe! I did not mean that of course. I suck at filling out forms. I would love an open relationship, even if it was just for kissing other women! I love kissing!'

seriously. how do these guys ever expect to find someone on a dating site?
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