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So, it turns out that C doesn't want to pursue a relationship with Molly anymore, because he was feeling uneasy about the fact that she is, in fact, looking for a mono relationship and was only saying she wanted to try to share him, because she likes him a lot.

I'm relieved that he found this out before things got to the point where they slept together. I still hope there's a wonderful woman in his near future who will not mind the fact that I exist. in his words, it made him unhappy, that he could talk to me about Molly, but not to Molly about me.

I had a strange reaction to his story. I had gotten pretty worked up about the whole situation. And then poof! it was all gone. And I realize that a new situation like this can pop up any minute. But I felt so silly to have worried so much about something that in the end never happened. Yes, something I do all the time, but this time the futility and stupidity of it really hit me.

Been feeling very calm and pretty detached ever since. About everyone. And weird: like there's a big hole where my anxiety about relationships used to live.
Ah well, I'm sure it won't be long before I find something to worry about...

Am going to see BGuy tonight, the first time since out hot make out session. We agreed on 'fun but no fucking'. We'll see where it goes
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