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Originally Posted by constlady View Post
My intent here is not to devolve this conversation into an argument over specific words or intents but rather I hoped to share with others that the labeling of some as sex negative was just as disconcerting to them as others may have felt being labeled as "not really poly" was.
I have also felt that I was 'labeled' sex-negative and the reason I FELT this way is because of a discussion that I'm not even sure I was completely a part of but that I associated(though liked) with some of those that were discussing the definition.

I felt that because I did not care to discussion my sexuality specifically with everyone within a community, only those close to me, and that I was not out scream to the world I like to fuck people; rather I loved them or not being irrelovent, I was not sex-positive.

And no Ceoli, before you ask, I do not have example. These are my feelings from past events that I do not archive as I try to move forward with information gathered.

I will say that those types of conversations; heated with no conclusion and usually without even a 'agree to disagree' ending have steered me clear of such debates(as I see them).

BTW - I have also experienced the same feelings with spirituality.

Maybe I'm an closeted out poly person...need more Zen, tantra or whatever gives others those wonderful epiphanies for betterness.
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