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Default I suppose an introduction is in order...

I always did suck at these things, just to warn.

I am 28, married for four years. Before I met my husband, I was quite polyamorous, though never for serious relationships; for serious relationships, I did my best to stick to the monogamous role (though I have not always been the best at doing so in the past). For five years, I have been with my wonderful husband, and I still have no desire to jump ship.

However, my eyes wandered, and a year-long friendship nearly turned into an affair. I've been on all sides of the whole infidelity thing. I've been the other woman, I've been the cheater, and I've been the cheated. Despite my feelings toward this other person, I loved my husband far too much to ever lie to him and sneak around on him. So I had the talk with him.

The decision was made that we would try out polyamory, though he is resistant to the idea of seeing others himself. Rules were set in place, and here I am, nearly three months later, and things seem to be going very well thus far. My husband and I are just as close as always, and I have a wonderful paramore who I have been seeing for nearly three months.

So, that's me.
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