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So, I got a message. First, I was disappointed, because I never get messages normally (I think I received unprompted messages twice overall), and I contacted a guy yesterday and thought it was from him... but, from a totally different guy, I get this:

I can imagine how hard is to be a girl on okcupid.. It's definitely a full time job.. Lol.. Specially when a girl is beautiful and profile is awesome!!
That was very weird, because there was no greeting, no mention of anything about me or him... It looks very much like a response to something, and I know I never sent the guy anything.
I go check his profile. First thing on it:

Hi all single people!! (Hopefully you are single, not like the other girl I was talking to who was married ..snap!!)
The first thing on my profile is that I'm polyamorous and married.

I can't believe these guys. They waste so much time sending messages to people they wouldn't want anything to do with, instead of reading even the first line of their profile and saving themselves the hassle -_-'

EDIT: It gets worse! I finished browsing his profile and see he set what he's looking for as "New Friends". I think to myself "uh, the bit about wanting you to be single is weird, but then it could make sense he contacted me if he truly only wants to find friends"

But then, at the bottom, in "message me if", in bolded:

Do not message me (OR reply to my message, in case you have lied in your profile) if you are either married or have a boy friend, it raises a red flag... this is really cheap girls!! You cannot get friends on a dating site, i mean with the initial intentions of friendship.. period! later of course you guys might be..if you wants FRIENDS then go and join meetup or class or work or something. Have some respect for you and for your guy
I didn't lie on my profile, you just didn't read it. Also, what's this BS about looking for friends when that's what you also say you're looking for?

Oh, and he also has a part about how women should message him if they're tired of creeps and want a real nice guy >.>

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