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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Affairs suck. I did it-learned the lesson and don't approve.

But once it is put in "forgiven" drawer-its off the list of topics to continue to mull over.

I cringe over the lack of prioritizing the child in your story.

But-yes, I have a child from prior to marriage, a child with my husband and a child with my boyfriend (who was the man I had an affair with).

We all live together, the kids come first and yes it works. They are noww 21, 13, and 5.
We also co-grandparent Little P who is 2 and are looking forward to his baby brother who is in the oven.

I love them both.
I got to poly by way of some shitty choices.

If you want to ask me anything-feel free. I am an open book.
The affair is long forgotten and is not an issue between the three of us, and has not been for a long time.

Its great that your arrangement works for you, I'm sure it could for us also, it is what I want! They do not though!

I've talked over and over it with her. I love her, I love that kid, I love Alex, the four of us were great together. The two of them, tight together, and me also loving her, but doing my own thing as well. The three of us loving that boy, them as the more traditional parents, and Harry and I as something else. He is the absolute priority, and she is a great Mum, and Alex is a great Dad, and I except that Harry is upset that I'm not there, but.....what can I do?

I just feel that we have taken this as far as we can now, and that makes me sad, and her sad, and Harry sad, but it is what it is.

I want to be a Father at some point, and she has made it clear that it will not be with her, and yet she does not want to let me go. Its selfish and I cannot see anyway back from that.
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