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Affairs suck. I did it-learned the lesson and don't approve.

But once it is put in "forgiven" drawer-its off the list of topics to continue to mull over.

I cringe over the lack of prioritizing the child in your story.

But-yes, I have a child from prior to marriage, a child with my husband and a child with my boyfriend (who was the man I had an affair with).

We all live together, the kids come first and yes it works. They are noww 21, 13, and 5.
We also co-grandparent Little P who is 2 and are looking forward to his baby brother who is in the oven.

I love them both.
I got to poly by way of some shitty choices.

If you want to ask me anything-feel free. I am an open book.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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