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Default Trying to transition

"I don't want you to talk about it, but I'm upset that you didn't talk about it sooner."

Yeah. That makes sense.
I said this exact thing to her. She says she is mad that I waited to tell her until I had it "all figured out" and didn't require her input anymore. Of course that isn't the case, but whatever. She says she's on FJ's and my children's "team", and can't get on board with MD. She just won't hear that FJ and MD are on the same "team"

What good is a BFF if you can't call her up and tell her how awesome your date was?
I'm hopeful that she'll get more comfortable with this and not draw the hard line for too long. If she does, we will grow apart, and I won't consider her a BFF anymore. This was actually something she alluded to: "We're growing apart, people change".

It's just totally ridiculous to me. I can empathize with her initial reaction, but now going forward I need her to be happy for me. If she can't be, then it shows me what kind of foundation we have
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