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Well, I would just tell him that no one is going to be finding your other boyfriend, or setting any criteria for a boyfriend, but YOU!!! It's rather ridiculous that he thinks he gets a say in who you would form another relationship with. Is he in charge of choosing your friends, too? Will he be telling you what members of your family you are allowed to see? If not, why does he think he is in charge of how you choose to share your body and life? It isn't up to him, honey, it's your life!

You're not saying you need help picking out drapes for the living room, you're saying you want another lover. If he thinks he has to tell you what to look for, he doesn't trust you or your decision-making process. Is he wiser than you are? Does he know better what (who) is good for you? Go cautiously into this situation - you seem to pick men in your life that like to be dictators and boss you around. I think it is time you stood on your own two feet and were more self-determining in your life. Remember it is YOUR body, YOUR heart, YOUR life - YOUR choices to make!
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