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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post

It's curious to me how quick people on this forum are to suggest pulling the plug on long-term relationships. This is the second such suggestion I received yesterday.

To be frank, it's one of the least admirable aspects of polyamory, and is the aspect of the would-be community here that makes me think monogamy might really be the better way to go.
To be honest-and I am very much a natural poly-I completely agree.
It's one of my frustrations.

I don't think that terminating the relationship is the best or only answer at all.
I admire your effort to not put all of the blame on her, try to find a solution that doesn't leave you feeling neglecting of your own expectations as a parent and finally-your willingness to contemplate imaginative solutions.

As someone who really needs to move-because where we live is deteriorating my health-I can empathize with that issue on your wife's part.
I spend as much time as possible away from Alaska in the cold. It's somewhat easier in that my kids are home schooled, so I can take them with me and educate them from any location (hauling books can be a nightmare though).
However, it seems that it might be a good idea to find a family priority on moving so that you can remain a cohesive family unit while also preserving her health?
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