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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
I've told her that, since it's my own understanding of my responsibilities that are at stake, I'll just try to be careful to avoid any further conflicts like that raised by going to the UK. If I think it's important for one of us to be available to the kids at all times, I'll just be sure I'm available whenever Vix is not.
This is along the lines of where I was going to begin with-I know I have more stringent parenting expectations than my husband. So I adhere to them, sometimes he does too-but I always do and I always ensure I can. Sometimes, that's a PITA. But-it keeps me from feeling like I have neglected my kids in any manner.

I don't think it's neurotic.
My kids have a GREAT deal of freedom and independence. To the point where I am often accused of not being protective enough of them.
But across the ocean-the list of potential issues that could arise-and the consequences of one of you not being present...
are they worth it?
To me, no.

It's not a matter of thinking "omg they will happen".
It's accepting that reality is shit happens and we can't always predict it and some things aren't worth risking.

Neurotic would be freaking out because you "just know" something terrible will happen if you aren't there.
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