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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
This is a sign-on-the-dotted line kind of contractual obligation. It's an academic program that ends on date certain, and I have active responsibilities up through the day before I leave.

I suppose, if there were a crisis, I could break the obligation. But what, in all honesty, could I tell the program director about this situation?

"I need to go home early so my wife can go travelling with her boyfriend in Germany . . ."

I'm sure that would go over well.
I understand what you are saying-very well.

But-honestly, I would say,
"I have to leave early because my wife has abandoned my two children alone in the US."

Interestingly I was talking to my husband about this thread today-and he asked what someone else had, "how old are they" and pointed out that he didn't think it was too big of a deal if we left our kids with someone we trusted while we were in Washington (we live in Alaska).
I then pointed out to him-yes but even that is only a 3 hour plane trip away.

This is another country and frankly-no way. I wouldn't do it.
Now I've read the ages, and I still wouldn't do it.

I would be highly ticked off with my spouse for putting me in that position-and I can't say it wouldn't result in some serious consequences to our relationship.

But-at the bottom line-I would go home to my kids.
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