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Originally Posted by Eth76 View Post
I started to build a strong bond with Harry . . . Harry is four now, he is a beautiful loving boy, and a real personality. I love him very much, and we are very tight. I do as much for him in his day to day life as anyone does, and my wife and Alex have done everything they can to include me in every aspect of his life. Harry knows who his Dad is though, and as he gets older, what is he going to think I am?
Originally Posted by Eth76 View Post
I am still so in love with her, I miss her very much, and I miss the kid.
You are his second dad, that's all. You are already a dad. That's why you miss him. And he surely misses you.

I think it is quite unfortunate that your wife and her lover have this notion of not wanting a "half" sibling. To a child, a new brother or sister will just be a brother or sister. They would only look at them as "half" anything if the parents tell them to. And it is a pretty shitty thing to do to a family, making a full sibling more important than a half. They need to get over themselves.

You and he are both fathers, one by biology and the other by love and commitment. If I were you, I would go back to your wife and both of you try to get her pregnant, and everyone love all the children equally and stand by each other in unity as co-parents of all the children together, no matter whose sperm fertilized the egg. The more important thing is love.

You should PM LovingRadiance or read her posts about her family dynamics. She has a husband and a boyfriend and children from each. They all parent together and it works.
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