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Originally Posted by writingholiday View Post
So my questions are:

Who have you told about your arrangement? Potential partners only, partners and close friends and family or everybody?

Have you ever experienced negative consequences from telling the wrong person?
We are out to our close friends and potential partners only. Our families know that Dude lives with us but not the details of our relationship (although they suspect and I'm sure are figuring it out).

No negative consequences yet.

Originally Posted by writingholiday View Post
... there is a new girl at the office that I've become good friends with. We had a lovely lunch together today. Regardless of whether or not anything will happen between us, I would love to share this with her, just to have someone to talk to.
If it were ME - I'd be very, very hesitant to do this. But then...I am a very private person and keep my professional/public life and my personal life completely separate anyway.

If you are just looking to have someone to talk to I would try cultivating friends OUTSIDE of work - hobby/interest groups, etc. (not necessarily poly related groups - although you could look there too).

Just my two cents.

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