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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Except there is one thing wrong with that reasoning:

"Asian" is not a "culture". By the way, "African" is also not a "culture". Neither is "Latin" a "culture". "European" is also not a "culture". Those are CONTINENTS, not CULTURES (although "Latin" is not a continent but usually refers to South America and/or the Caribbean region). There are MANY "cultures" within those broad ethnic and geographical delineations.
Enough people disagree with you that there's a long wiki page dedicated to the "Culture of Asia."

Depending on which convention you use, Asia is not a continent either. It's a region of the continent of Eurasia, as North America and South America are regions of the continent of America.

[[Aside: my gf's hubby is perpetually amused by citizens of The United States of America making such a big deal about "America this" and "American that," especially when they start talking about "Mexicans vs Americans." Mexicans ARE Americans.]]

My point being that there's enough controversy on the subject that you can't definitively say "You're wrong, everyone agrees that it's actually like this."

To GG's side, no matter what "Asian" means, it's pretty much guaranteed that a white man from England is going to have a different culture than someone who identifies as "Asian" in any sense of the word.
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