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Post So, worst book ever?

First I will start off by saying that I am an avid reader and rarely find anything I dislike enough to not finish reading. That being said I have run across several books I could not force myself to finish and of those, 1 was assigned reading. I was forced to read Ishi, Last of His Tribe. I hated it so much I actually broke my biggest rule and bought the cliff notes. Horrid book.... if you thought Catcher was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. My favorite assigned book was by far The Giver. I have actually read this book multiple times and have finished the rest of the series. And while I, personally, love Shakespeare, I do feel that most high schools have not updated their reading lists in far too long. It seems to me that while many English teachers have no choice over what books they assign, many more simply do not bother to find newer books that don't come with a full lesson plan already made up by the teachers who have come before them. And I fully agree that most classrooms dissect the books to death and back again. I also feel that kids should have some say in the titles they read for school (like choosing the years reading together as a group at the start of the year) and that students should not be forced to read the same book multiple times for different years. Ex- I read The Giver as required reading in the 5th grade, then again 8th grade (same school district) and then again for freshman English. All I have to say is that if I didn't have an amazing memory I might not be so keen with The Giver now.
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