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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
Pardon me for asking - and I hope this question doesn't do more harm than good - but, if you really have no doubts, what are you still doing here?

Are you waiting for something? Hoping someone will say something either to affirm or refute your position? Testing the defenses of your barricade?

It seems to me that, if you've already made up your mind, you shouldn't be wasting any more time on this forum. You've laid out quite an intense plan for yourself, what with lawyers to consult, and all.

On the other hand, the fact that you're still here might be taken as an indication that you have more doubts than you're willing to admit, even to yourself.

So, let me ask this more constructively: What are you hoping for, from this forum? How can we help?
I had one doubt, and it's null and void. I owe it to my wife and kids to at least try to save this. Everything else is set in stone.

I'm here responding now. That's all. The forum has been a great help, but I'm not sure there's anything more that can be said on this issue. I don't consider it a waste of time. I appreciate everyone's help opinions. I took most of it in. It's hard to understand where I'm coming from if you've never been there.

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