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I've quit work for a while, and I'm finally starting to feel like a person again. Thanks to everybody who's commented here, I'm not going to reply to all, but I really enjoy getting comments.

Now what to write? All kinds of awesomeness is going on. It's lucky I share this journal with Mya so she's been updating everybody.

We've been poly for nearly two years now, and the honeymoon phase with poly has ended some time ago. Things have been simply pleasant and satisfying and happy. I'm living my life without much thinking about the fact that I'm poly. Polyish relationship assumptions are becoming so normalised in my head that I do often forget how very differently things are seen in mainstream. I welcome these developments, they feel pleasant.

Actually, a relationship with a person is a good analogy for poly. I immensely enjoy NRE and getting to know them, but I enjoy a highly developed and nurtured connection to somebody even more. I love it when things are good and effortless and pleasant and satisfying. That's where I am with both of my partners, and that's also where I am with poly.

However, (to stretch the analogy further) I also really enjoy getting reminded about the aspects of why I love somebody. I've actually had a lot of moments like these during the last week both with my partners and with poly, and I'll write some in random order.

I met my new metamour Evan and he is a really cool awesome guy. Not that I was expecting anything else from what I'd heard from Mya. She does have the best taste. I feel he also brings out some aspects of Mya that I really love seeing (queer stuff etc.). Those have been there earlier too, obviously, but who you spend time with naturally affects what kind of aspects of yourself get emphasised. I love seeing Mya so happy, and I feel she is really in her element with everything she's got going on (a facet of which is her relationship with Evan). So happy and excited and open. It is hard to tell where compersion ends and my own happiness starts, but anyway, loving this.

This kind of thing is also why I love poly. New, great people in your partner's life are also in your life to the extent you want them to be (and they want to be). Indirectly, at least, but also possibly directly. And seeing new sides of your partner means you get to know them better (always really really great) and if they are good things (as they've been for me) it also makes you love the person you're with even more.

Much of what I'm feeling with Mya right now I'm also experiencing with Alec. For him it's not because of poly things, but he's setting roots here in Dream City, developing potential friendships with people he's meeting. And I feel changes in him, in that kind of way which allows me to see sides of him I really really like. In a way these are, again, things that have been in him already, but it's like he's thriving in the atmosphere he's in and really good aspects of his personality get emphasised. It feels like he's more comfortable with himself, and more openly sharing things about himself with others. This can be seen in how he relates to me, but even more starkly with how he relates to other people. I really love to see him deepen the connections he already has and see him relate to people more comfortably. We've finally had time to really talk and connect during this last week, and I'm reminded about the things I love about him.

That's also why my vacation with Mya was really lovely, besides the relaxing. It gave us a chance to connect really deeply.

Plus, not poly related but there are friends of mine who are also doing really happy and awesome and I'm totally digging compersion there too. Yay!

Lots of love in my life, lots of happiness.

Oh yeah, and in addition to the broad strokes above, I also need to say that this whole thing

Originally Posted by Mya View Post
So after that I asked Hank if he wanted to make out, and he did. Yay for encouraging girlfriends! Then rory started bossing us around and made us kiss some more and told him he should touch my boobs. She was being very dom-y, it was interesting and kinda hot. Hank seemed a little confused at first, but went for it. Me and Hank ended up making out quite a lot during the evening and rory seemed to enjoy looking at us. At one point I was kissing Hank and rory was kissing my neck, that felt amazing! My life is just too good to be true.
really, surprisingly, incredibly hot and awesome and enjoyable. Whoa.

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