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Yeah it sounds like he needs some professional help.

From an unprofessional standpoint, it sounds like he's stressed (college, the norm) and he's going for the junk food for the same reasons a lot of people do; junk food is a coping mechanism because it temporarily boosts a lot of the feel-good chemicals in the brain. People feel better when they eat the junk food because the brain recognizes it as a high-calorie food and it wants you to consume as many calories as possible because it's still wired for a time when we needed every scrap of energy we could get. The problem is we dont NEED super high calorie foods much anymore because of our lifestyles and (generally) large availability of food.

He seems to have developed a cycle: cant focus because of stress/anxiety -> eat junk food -> junk food temporary suppresses feelings of stress/anxiety -> can study for a while with the absence of the feelings -> junk food effects wear off -> repeat.

I've sort of fallen into this trap before but mine was a concern for calories because my food budget is often not what it needs to be so there were (and sometimes still are) days where I go with 4-500 calories in a day. I've done it to the point where it doesn't phase me to do it but it creates a "calorie hoarding" mentality where I want to consume food even if I'm not hungry because I may not eat for a while and those calories will be needed later on. I have to watch my eating when food is abundant otherwise I'll just inhale everything in sight.
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