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I think i recall you told about that in another thread. Thanks for reminding - that is exactly the definition of passive-aggressive - saying whatever the other person wants to hear then doing what you feel like anyway. I see a lot of communications and behaviours get labeled "passive-aggressive" when they are really not that, but something else. When you say something that refers to someone and you know they know it but don't mention their name, that's not passive-aggressive, i'm not sure what but there probably is a word for it.

I will admit that i employ passive-aggressive methods when necessary, but it isn't necessary in my intimate relationships. It has occasionally been required in certain roommate/neighbor/relative situations, and in work situations when getting a job done is more important than red tape or stroking the egos of old men who are threatened by young women with college degrees, and so on.

tl;dr I use my powers for good and not evil, and as long as you're on my team, you've nothing to fear.
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