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Default Helping him through a breakup.

Hello, Im a 24 year old female who has been involved with an absolutely amazing man for almost a year now. We live in different states, but manage to spend about a weekend a month together. I've always adored his partner without being very close with her. Right before a recent visit last weekend, they ended their nearly two year relationship. It's a really nasty breakup (he had to kick her out and get a restraining order) and I was glad to be there to give him emotional support. But the context of our relationship has always been that him and I were lovers and best friends, not partners. Now that he is out of his primary relationship, its clear to both of us that that context may be changing. We both want him to heal from this breakup in a healthy way, and want to give him the space to deal with it on his own without having me fall into a rebound-default-girlfriend mode, but are struggling to figure out how to set those boundaries. Has anyone ever been through this and have advice for how to help him through this and keep our relationship healthy?
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