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I don't see judgment or oppression in simply not wanting to be associated with an activity or approach to any lifestyle. I don't judge or oppress people who don't like to ride motorbikes. If I chose to go for a ride with other friends of mine who ride I am not discriminating or excluding the friends who don't. I'm not oppressing their ability to ride with me. The fact they don't have a license or bike is excluding them.

If I am uncomfortable with a particularly sex positive social scene, I don't associate with it. I don't stamp my feet and demand inclusion, or that they change their behavior to suite my individual needs. I don't go.

Participating or defending sex positive things is not a requirement to being sex positive..simply accepting the healthy ideas of others is.

All inclusive anything is a bullshit idea because every person is unique. There is no one thing in the universe that everyone will see the same. Some one will disagree with everything. They just need to sit back, shut the fuck up and live their life without hindering the lives of others...unless their doing something that is unhealthy...then others have a responsibility to correct that behavior...than we have a responsibility to judge.

I kind of went off on that....not related to the topic? Sorry

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