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But somehow, because I choose to identify my relationship style as a thing that isn't necessarily the same as my sexuality, it is believed that I must be "sex negative."

Because I happen to believe that who I fuck isn't as important as who I love (though for me, as I suspect it is for many others, they often go hand in hand), because I don't want my lovestyle to be perceived as being solely based on the number of sexual partners I may have at any one time - since that is not how I define my relationship style - because I feel the need to differentiate the form of polyamory that I practice from the ones who prefer the combination of emotional monogamy and physical non-monogamy, I am oppressing an entire group of people who don't choose to live their lives in the same way as I choose to live mine.

Nothing could be further from the truth.
Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

It made me sick to be catogorized as "sex negative" just because I see a difference between casual sex and committed sex. Neither is wrong, neither is bad, neither is negative ... but they are different animals.

Yet because I differentiate them, I'm "sex negative".

That's why I will no longer participate here.
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