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It's on the table because emotional and physical space away from her are to be expected, or so our therapist said.

I'm not treating her any kind of way. You want me to pretend to like her and smile in her face with gritted teeth? I have zero empathy right now. I'm not stopping her from seeing the kids. It was what I originally suggested. Her feelings matter--to my wife. I can't care about someone whose presence I don't even acknowledge. Rude, blunt, whatever. I can't keep everything inside. Everybody said communicate and address things right as they happen instead of letting them turn into resentment or hatred. I'm owning my feelings as they come.

I do have the right. I have control of my life and who is part of it. My wife and kids share the space, but I have an identity and a life outside of them. Bonds that exist between THEM and her now. I'm out of that equation.

It doesn't matter. She's chosen to love and support them. How does that involve me again? Sorry, my compassion is absent right now. [[shrug]]
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