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Originally Posted by BaggagePatrol View Post

So I call bullshit on pointing the finger at Matt. It frustrates me to no end when people's judgements end up silencing a member on this forum; you want to preach about respect and good communication? Then please be sure that you're giving the people that you're telling that to the same respect and communication skills you're talking about.
WOW...someone said what I felt when I joined this forum...BaggagePatrol, this is exactly why I stopped posting and starting lurking...hoping to see someone else going through a similar situation (as mine) and hoping to see some positive feedback (advice)...until now, it wasn't working...

Don't get me wrong, your response didn't provide feedback on my situation, so I'll still be lurking/hoping for that, but it did shed a light on why I stopped posting/seeking advice...I got tired of being told that I was "acting like I owned her" or that I should "ignore my feeling for her happiness". I felt that instead of getting a 'true' assessment of the poly lifestyle, I was being told to "just let her be poly how she wants to be poly and ignore your feelings" or a better (or more understanding) feeling that I was having was "you need to forget your feelings for hers because she is one of us"...and I'll only assume this is the reason Matt hasn't posted in a while.

I apologize to all for getting off topic, but I had to give BaggagePatrol her props and thank her!!!! So, THANKS BaggagePatrol!!!!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled post topic.
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