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Thank you! We've all taken responsiblity for our eff ups. It's too late to change anything. Matt has an IDGAF attitude.

I guess the want to be around us was strong. We know we have crazy schedules. We were doing a lot of traveling for business reasons. At one point, I was in Australia. Matt was in London. Si was in Malaysia. Insane. It's normal to miss people. I think that's how she ended up so involved in our marriage recently. Nothing wrong with wanting to be around people you care about, but there's s line. The relationships became one big mess. There was no division. All of the relationships had a different style and approach.

Matt and I talk every day. If something's wrong, he's the first to pick up on it. I miss him even if he has just left. With Si, it isn't like that. We don't have that connection that defies all logic.

With Si, there's something different. She's more understanding because we're both females. It's in her nature to be maternal and to have certain qualities. We can go for days without talking but it works because when we do, it's like there was no break.

IDK about Matt and Si's style. The relationships turned into one and the results were catastrophic. As he's been saying, "I married YOU. Not her, too." We took vows. A mess is what was created.
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