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Default Hey look! It's the guy who started the thread!

I am so glad that you posted Matt. Growing, learning, and finding out what I need in life is a process I'm engaged in on a daily basis too. I think it takes strength to speak up and share what you feel, and what other people do with that is not your responsibility. Taking space and time is a good thing, and it sounds like you're working hard to keep things professional at work.

BoringGuy: Judgements and aggressive language seem counterintuitive to encouraging a forum member to find their voice and express their needs to a partner. Are you trying to encourage Matt to get closer to his own truth, or your truth? Are you opening the doors of communication or closing them by holding a stranger "accountable" to the limited perspective that you have on their life situation? Do you feel that it's empowering for others to cast judgement on their ways of being? Human relationships are incredibly complex, as are human emotions. We're all just doing our best, and for me, supporting observations go a lot further than condemnations or judgements.
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