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oh ok i remember what it was! Story Time!

I was hanging out at this artsy-fartsy thing (my friends own a gallery/performance space and they live upstairs) and the 2010 olympics were on. There was some talk about figure skating, snow-boarding, and it led to more talk about what criteria they use to add new sports and subtract old ones from the olympics. This in turn led to talk about what constitutes a "sport". My feeling is that something that is "judged" (such as figure skating) is not as much of a "sport" as something that is measured (such as speed skating). It is not my intention to get into that particular debate right here, i'm giving it as background for what happened next:

Some guy sitting near me asked me this - what did I think was some of the criteria they use when determining what should be considered a "sport". Specifically, he phrased it like this, "So what do YOU think is the difference?" and I gave a vague answer, and he asked me for specific examples. Then like half a minute later, he says, "Yeah, I'm not really interested in all this, you know." and I said, "well, YOU ASKED me to tell you more, so I did, now you're making it out like I'm forcing you to listen to something you're not interested in?" he got all and then said "I'm sorry I offended you", to which I replied, "I'm not offended because you say shit you don't mean."

I told you guys - I make friends EVERYWHERE. People can't get enough of this.
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