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I have let some people down, but I am also guilty of having been that person who has been let down. Maybe guilty isnt the proper word. Struggling with depression is hard and nobody likes to be around someone who is sad all of the time. And I am sad not all of the time but enough. No I dont want to be that way. But If I wanted to be happy I would wouldnt I? I want to be sad because I dwell in my sadness. These things hurt to hear because while I understand how someone could percieve things this way, I simply dont think they are true and they are quite invalidating to hear. People say these sort of things before they "let people down" n it just aint nice.

sorry for the minirant.

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I do the same. Some don't have the fortitude to hold themselves back from interaction and must have some sort of control over the lives of others. "Cutting off" would be the term I'd use. Snip. And done.

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