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Default Saying Things You Don't Really Mean (and assumptions that follow)

This is a split off of this thread:

I had something really amazing and insightful to say, but I just got distracted by something shiny and I lost it. I am starting this thread because it's a topic that is important to me and I don't wish to continue to hijack the other thread. I will get back to this whenever, but if anyone else has anything to say in the mean-time, that would be appreciated because this is something that, although not limited to poly relationships, seems to come up quite a bit in threads around here and it would be beneficial to have the discussion separately from any one person's or group of people's dilemma.

It is a pet-peeve of mine... no, i HATE it when people say "If you ever need anything, anything at all, let me know" and they don't MEAN it. This was discussed to some extent in the other thread, and is one example of what it says in the title. This is not the original thing I wanted to talk about, but I still can't remember what that is despite giving myself a chance, so this is just as good of a way to start.
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