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Ive been busy the last few days and surprised in the direction the thread has taken since I last posted here.

In regards to the boundary dispute issue. The reason I asked the questions ...
Have your daughters been informed of the plan ....who they will be staying with, split up or together, etc,etc,.. and why ( meaning the event ) ? And how do they feel about it. Do they feel blown off by their mother in this specific case and or in the last 2 yrs.?
It seems to me that knowing how the actual participants feel about this would be a good barometer. I imagine it could be split between kids and could range from indifference to excitement and happiness staying with friends to absolute dread and depression....and or rejection. If they were both on the front end of the spectrum they may think your being over the top too. Now ...personally I don't care about being the over protective dad so that type of input might get weighted 80/20

Also you've told the girls all about you and your wife's open marriage...they know Doc is one of mommy's BF and Nix was your gF right ?

I was thinking of safety and piece of mind and boundaries vs neurotic bullshit and then I thought doe she/ you have homeowners insurance, car insurance ??? how often do you make claims either ?? It's been 10- 15 yrs for me but yet I would go with out.

Lastly how is coming to the conclusion that poly might not be for him appreciably different then the thread by Matt ( not wanting to share his wife ). The poly part is making him unhappy, time share, etc.

Also I actually remember you writing threads or comments in which you were happy and enjoying your new GF Nix ....many non miserable posts.
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