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Default New Boyfriend Unsure.. Please offer Guidance

I posted sometime last week about my triad relationship and needed some more help or just someone to talk to that wasn't directly involved in my life and decisions, so any help would be appreciated.

I have a boyfriend of 5 years (Ray) and another of 7 months (Jason). Jason isn't sure if he wants to continue a relationship with Ray anymore and to be honest I'm not exactly sure if I want to continue either but I love them both very much. When I think about the future I know want marriage and children and I'm not sure how to get that from a triad relationship because someone is going to be left out and hurt which is why I'm not sure if I should continue or end it now. I've expressed these thoughts to both of them and they agree on some level and both want the person they marry to be me, but I feel I want it to be with Jason, and I'm not sure if it's NRE or if it's something more.

Jason is asking me to make a decision on what I would do if he would end his relationship with Ray, and I feel in the middle and torn because I don't know how to answer his question or what I would do. I'm angry and upset that he would ask me because I feel it's selfish but he says he just needs to know. He's mentioned that he feels, no matter what happens and how much I love him, he'll always be the loser if things end. What do I do, what do I say?

Has anyone been through this before?
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