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Originally Posted by learninginTN View Post
Wow. I read your post twice, and I'm still not sure I understand all the dynamics. But suffice it to say this seems to be a mess of jealousy, insecurities, and heartache all the way around.

Perhaps it would be best for you and G to get away from this couple totally, and concentrate on other, more grounded and secure relationships.
hi thanks for replying, sorry my post wasn't clear, it is a big mess and its hard to write it down.

I want to move on and not talk to them more B than J, I still love her so much, that is why it hurts so much. I would say our relationship outside this mess is very secure and happy, I do wish I never met them, the only thing I gained my A because they knew him and introduced us.

I spoke to J via text of course as I can't see her, told her how I feel and she said just because she doesn't text me doesn't mean she doesn't think about me.

I wish I could clear my head of all this mess and like G said don't let it bother me but it hurts.
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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