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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
I think you have to take note of the fact that these forums tend to be a "foul-weather" type of friend. People look for resources when they are having problems and they need help resolving them. Once the problems are mitigated (or the relationship ends for one reason or another), people tend to disappear again -so, you typically only see the UN-sunny side of the street.
Yep, I think this is so.

Not only that, but I begin to suspect there's something about online forums - the give and take of post and reply and counter-reply - that tends to escalate tales of difficulty into tales of woe into existential crises into signs of the apocalypse.

In short, this is generally not a medium for good news and tranquil reflection . . . at least, not without considerable, conscious effort.

(I write this as one very recently guilty of such an escalation, who is now trying to accentuate the positive by such a conscious effort.)
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