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I didn't sleep last night, because I was having sex. With Plinth. And Grotto. Separately. And together. And separately again. Both the boys got sleep, but I didn't. I couldn't. A semi-accident meant Grotto, Plinth and I were at Grotto's place last night, just the three of us. Christ, I could barely cope, in the best way possible. So many hot moments, Plinth slipping his fingers into Grotto's mouth (Plinth said it was "silken"), me in the middle with the other two mirroring their hands and mouths, etc, etc, etc, etc

In the morning, I came home to Ocean in time for a shower, change and breakfast. He was too cute in bed, and Grotto had also planted the seed of mischief in my mind... "You should go home and fuck Ocean". So, we stole enough time for a luscious quickie.

Work today, 9-6, was sluggish. Happy but drained. Cute moments chatting with Ocean & Grotto:

Ocean: last week it was 3 boys on 3 consecutive nights
this week it's 3 boys within 24 hours
me: (4)
Ocean: yikes


Grotto: you're so beautiful
when you got back into bed all sleepy and freshly fucked it struck me hard
i love you fuchka
you bring a huge amount of joy to me
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