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That behavior? Making decisions for all without taking their input or receiving their buy in and support? That is called being incredibly FRESH and entitled.

Could stick to original plan and move out. Finish the old plan before starting a new one. Like...
Thanks for the hospitality. NO, I am not willing to be a permanent roomie at this time. I am moving out as originally planned. Why?
  • My children's needs for comfort and stability trump Darling want to have a live in GF at this time. They are living out of suitcases! This is not permanent living quarters. They need to have space of their own that feels intentional and not slapdash.
  • The needs of the wife to have her home back to normal without of guests-suddenly-turned-roomies without her input and willingess on board? Her need to be respected and have a voice in the things that concern her? Trumps Darling want to have a live in GF at this time.
  • My own need to have my own home space and be guilt and weird feeling free? Trumps Darling want to have a live in GF at this time.
  • I have a limit. I do not make life changing decisions like that on impulse. My limit needs to be respected... BY ME. So I can maintain my own self respect. That trumps Darling want to have live in GF at this time.
  • Do me the respect of giving me a serious live-in proposal like I am a serious person in your life that you value. My children and I are people. Not washing machines that do your laundry or new curtains to just swap around on a whim because you feel like seeing blue curtains for a new view every morning when you wake. I will not entertain proposals of FRESH. I expect better treatment from a BF. My need to be approached in a respectful way by my BF trumps Darling want of a live in GF at this time.
    Thank you.
The needs of the many outweigh the WANT of the one or few on this one, dude. Welcome to polyshipping ethics. Could hold him and yourself accountable to a higher standard and could not let your soft feelings for him cloud your vision, your ethics, and your responsibility to yourself and to your children.

Could say NO to shenanigans. Nope. Nada. Not playing that here. Zip. Nip it in the bud. Because YOU are responsible for your own healths and well being AND that of your children. There's a thing called sleepover weekends ya know. Not like he can't wake up to you sometimes.

You could choose to value you and your children's and your meta's long term well being more than he seems to right now. His behavior right now is INCREDIBLY FRESH. Do not have to count FRESH when you consider your next home plans.

Be glad you still HAVE a GF dude, with FRESH attitude like that. Live in or otherwise! Jeez!


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