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Default Two Good Things

Okay, I'm probably overdoing it, but I really have let tonight's posts percolate for a few hours before writing them. I've passed them through the filters of the above-listed rules several times.

Really. I have.

There have been two developments today I take as generally positive.

1. Vix bought tickets for her next trip to Europe, at the end of the month. She consulted with me about timing, and we negotiated reasonable time for her to leave and to return. She'll be able to have dinner with us before she goes, and will return on the first day of our girls' spring break . . . a day on which I do not have teaching obligations, and can probably work around other obligations.

We made sure her flight and travel information made it on to a shared calendar, and that it actually showed up on my phone. Meanwhile, we've made sure all my work-related obligations show up and, between now and when she travels, we'll work out arrangements for getting the girls hither and yon when they have activities that conflict with my obligations on campus.

On the whole, it was very . . . practical.

It felt like a positive step.

2. I wrote to the woman on whom I have had a crush, asking her to lunch once again. I asked her a couple of weeks ago, and received no reply.

I was assuming that she was rejecting me, that she was creeped out by my attention, that she wasn't interested even in friendship with me.

That's nonsense, of course. In the spirit of skepticism, I should assume no such thing.

So, I added a post-script to my note, today, which I quote here verbatim:
P.S. Please let me know if my asking again is annoying to you. The last thing I want is to be a nuisance. Be blunt, if you need to be.
It's not very good, perhaps, but at least I've made an opening for her to be direct, if she's so inclined.

I hope she'll respond to the prompt, one way or the other. If she tells me to stop asking her, I may be a little disappointed, but at least I can act based on knowledge rather than ignorance or assumptions.

I haven't heard back from her, yet. If I don't hear from her, I might just have to go ahead and make an assumption about what her response to my post-script would have been . . .

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