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Someone's shitty writing about astrology is really not something deserving too much energy. The writer was just trying to be provocative. So, don't waste too much time and energy getting your panties in a twist.

I used to be very much into astrology, studied it, had a gazillion books on it, sidereal tables and an ephemeris, taught myself how to chart (it's hard!), had an astrologer I saw once or twice a year, blablabla. I thought that a lot of what was said about my sign really applied well to me (double Taurus, Cancer rising).

Now I really don't get into it anymore, and never think about that stuff. No longer have the books and charts. But I am glad that there is one thing my old astrologer said to me that I still remember thirty years later. He said that we should always strive to rise above the circumstances of our lives, whether it is the family we're born into or our astrological chart. We should never say, "Oh, that's just the way I am." The purpose of knowing our astrological signs and the tendencies we have is to transcend them, not just accept them as the way things are, or they way we are. They are meant to challenge us, so we should never be complacent. I like that.
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