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"Oh yeah, come to think of it I probably could have guessed what 'Latter-day' implies. As for 'Saints', who are they supposed to be? Perhaps there are a few PRAISE JESUS! LDS salesmen who aspire to the title."
Well let's say the LDS church is big about having its own special terminology for things. Basically, they are defining the word "Saint" as being any member of the church. Probably in concert with the idea that the LDS church is the "only true church;" hence, LDS members are "extra special."

I should add that LDS culture is pretty low-key. Anyone who jumped up and yelled "PRAISE JESUS" during a church meeting would be silently frowned upon as inappropriate/obnoxious. The church's hallmark, in fact, is blandness, in my opinion.

"Now, here's an interesting point that I'd imagine has popped up on this forum more than once. Poly marriage rights. I wonder how much of a legal headache it would be to decriminalise it."
A huge legal headache. Right now the battle being fought is to legalize same-sex marriage. And that battle has far to go before being won. Same-sex marriage is legal in a few states; that's all. Poly marriage isn't even on the table yet.

"In response to KDT ... where are we ... 3rd to last post, there is in fact an Atheist church in London somewhere and I think there are others. I may even go this coming Sunday. A celebration of existence, science/philo talks, charity events, stand up comedy and live music. It sounds awesome!"
Well that's interesting. I might be curious enough to attend one meeting at least, if I were in the area.

Re: agnostic or atheist ... often a semantic question. I hold out about a 1% chance that some kind of God exists, so since I'm not 100% sure God doesn't exist, does that make me an agnostic? Well technically yes, but by and large I'd still call myself an atheist.

And just a thought in closing ...

"No, I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God ... I support the separation of church and state. I'm just not very high on atheists."
-- attributed to George H.W. Bush, President of the United States 1989-1993
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