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Our pediatrician is old-fashioned and has an entirely different set of beliefs, but he's an amazing doctor. His wife is a stay at home mom of 5, so naturally his perception is biased. They have stair-stepper kids, so daycare would be costly for them. If I remember right, only one is in school. The others aren't old enough, yet. Our daughter will be in Pre-K later on this year, so some changes will be made. It won't be cost effective to have a nanny, so I might be willing to try daycare.

Listening to this lady this morning made me go, "Hmm." Since she is started working at that daycare, she has had more visits to her doctor than ever before. Various upper respiratory infections, ear infections, and a slew of other things. I know there is no way to pinpoint the exact location where she contracted the various things, but daycares do have quite a few germs. I remember from when my little brother was at one. At one point, he was visiting his pediatrician every week. Sometimes twice if he requested a follow-up appointment in the same week. That wasn't that long ago. Fevers, ear infections, bronchitis, etc. I do agree that children are able to build up their immunity, and I guess part of not wanting them in a daycare was me being a protective mother and wanting to shield them while I can. The pediatrician's opinion was just the push I needed to say, "This is exactly why we're keeping them at home."

Things got blurred for sure. Like looking through rose tinted glasses. That issue was worked out and agreed upon. We moved past it, and everything was on a good path. Within three and half weeks, the quality of things went down, which leads me to believe something transpired that I don't know about. I wasn't in their relationship. I noticed a change in his attitude towards the mid-ish to end of January. Maybe it's nothing, and he just finally cracked after keeping everything bottled up for too long. A crack in the foundation is the start of problems and the beginning of a black hole aka the abyss.

I was reminded why Matt and I click so well. We put others before ourselves and run the risk of putting our happiness second. It's the downfall. You can lose sight of yourself in the process, and I think that's what happened. Putting my feelings and happiness before his own lead to resentment. Every so often, we need to stop and remember this: "My happiness is an extension of your happiness, and if you're not happy, then there's no way I can be fully happy."

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