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The hardest part of this for me is that my wife has recently told me that she now intends to have another child, and that THEY have decided that it would be better for Alex to be the Father again. They have told me that THEY have been agonising over this for months, but THEY have now made the decision that they want Harry to have a brother or sister, and not a half brother or sister.

I reminded her of the promise that she made me, and she has told me how sorry she is, and how she knows how much this will hurt me, and yet.........

I don't think she does know just how much this kills me. The sense of rejection and upset that I feel is hard to describe. I very much wanted to be a Father. I very much wanted to have a child with her.

I have left, and again she is begging me to go back. Again she is telling me how much she loves me. Why, what for?
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