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Well, there are just so many ways it can go. I am glad you're not needing to sneak around to meet your sexual needs now. I'd say, enjoy your current gf until you and your wife are back together full time. Then you can start looking for another partner. Some people like ok cupid, some like other more traditional ways of dating.

The women you meet may not be single! If they are poly, perhaps they are already partnered. You and your gf to be might both be each others' secondary, in other words. This can still be quite satisfactory.

You don't really need to "set things up." Keep an open mind. Try not to be too attached to a perfect scenario at first. Just enjoy meeting people. Hopefully you'll find someone eventually that gets along with your wife, and is at least interested in hanging out sometimes, dinners, TV watching together, if not more.

Personally, I had 3 years of kissing frogs before I met Ginger, who wants that sort of "family feeling." I guess I dated or had relationships with 30 men! Many never got past a first, second or third date... a few r/ships lasted 7 mos to 2 years.

I know I am lucky to have even found 30 guys to go on a first date with. I've got a terrific okc profile and lots of good pix, so I do get looked at and contacted quite a bit. Not as much as a 20 something woman would, but not too shabby.
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