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Default in mono marriage, realizing I'm poly

Hi everyone, my dilemma seems common but I couldn't find any similar threads: I go back and forth between thinking I should stay committed to my monogamous marriage (no children involved), to thinking it's time to take the plunge into being poly.

My wife is not willing (or able?) to open up our marriage, which breaks my heart, but so does the thought of leaving her, as we've been together several years and still very much love each other. Yet having to be mono the rest of my life (I'm in my mid 30's) seems difficult and lonely, I really crave more intimate and deep connections that I can get with my friends. So I'm feeling kind of stuck.

I know this is a poly forum, so I guess if any of you were in a similar situation you made the choice to follow the poly path, but I'm wondering how you reached a decision and if you ever have any regrets. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice!
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